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Remodeling Service Floor Plans

What Are the Different Types of Floor Plans  

A floor plan is usually two-dimensional line drawings that depict a structure’s walls and rooms as seen from above. These are often required by a remodeling service when the renovation is extensive.


A floor plan is akin to a map, as it comes with lengths, widths, sizes, and scales on how spread out things need to be. The likes of windows, walls, and doorways are drawn to scale, which means proportions are accurate even if a scale designation is not shown. Built-in furniture and other features such as sinks, bathtubs, and closets are usually shown in the floor plans of a house.

Key Words

Floor plan

Two-dimensional drawings showing the exterior and interior walls, windows, and doors, however, detailing does vary.


This is a detailed architectural drawing that is used as a construction document.


This is only used by an architect and is an elevation drawing that details what the finished structure will look like from various different angles.


This is onion-skin tracing paper often used by architects to draw the first draft of floor plans; it is often referred to as trace, trash, or scratch paper, it is very thin but strong; rolls of this is available in yellow, as it is easier to see through layers on a lightbox, or white, which makes it easier to make electronic copies.


This is an architect’s “scheme” on how to satisfy their client’s needs; the initial design phase will include floor plans.

Dollhouse view

This is a 3D version as seen from overhead, very similar to peering into a doll’s house with the roof taken off it, and is easily created using digital floor plans.

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